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Banish Your Stress, Curb Your Cravings, Nourish Your Joints, Stimulate Your Digestion and Love Your Liver…All with One Delicious Elixir!

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Look and Feel Your Best with Golden Goddess Turmeric + Ashwagandha Elixirs
Powerful as a Supplement, Delicious as Dessert!

Golden Goddess Turmeric Elixirs: Seductively healthy, deliciously creamy, scientifically formulated for great taste and exceptional benefits. Golden Goddess Elixirs pair organic turmeric and spices  with concentrated extracts of turmeric and adaptogenic herbs. We use award-winning KSM-66 Ashwagandha -- backed by 15 clinical studies for stress relief, weight loss, cognitive power and physical fitness. 

Both deliciously creamy AND 100% vegan, powered in a base of coconut milk powder.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Try Golden Goddess Risk-Free! Our Guarantee is Simple:
We treasure our happy customers... and hope you'll be one! We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Please contact us for refund, replacement or return requests. Refunds are usually posted to your credit card within 2 business days.

Golden Goddess® Spice Elixirs
Golden Goddess® Matrix Instant Tea Golden Goddess® Premium Turmeric 6+% Curcumin

Satisfying, Delicious Stress Relief & Weight Loss Beverages

Seductively healthy, deliciously creamy, award-winning instant beverage mixes, Golden Goddess® Turmeric Chai Elixir & Golden Goddess® Turmeric Chocolate Elixirs reduce stress & fatigue, balance cortisol, curb cravings, aid digestion and weight loss, enhance mood, energy & focus, & support healthy inflammation response. A step beyond turmeric tea!