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Golden Goddess® Turmeric with Meyer Lemon Clinical Strength Instant Tea

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Our Refund Policy
Our Refund Policy

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This is no ordinary tea. The uplifting taste of Meyer lemon meets our patented, clinically tested turmeric complex for a clean & soothing feeling from the inside out!

    • Full of immune-boosting, detoxifying, skin-protective antioxidants.
    • Helps boost your body's own antioxidant defenses.
    • Supports joint mobility and comfort.
    • Supports healthy inflammatory response
    • Supports health gut, microbiome and digestion.
    • Fast acting - absorbs in 20 minutes
    • Superior bioavailability
    • Serving size = 1/2 teaspoon, contains 250 mg concentrated turmeric extract
    • Mixes easily in hot or cold water; excellent addition to smoothies, beverages, yogurt, dressings and more


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    Our Refund Policy

    Spice Elixirs
    Spice Pharm creates products that help nurture the planet, without compromising it. We seek to conduct our business in the most sustainable fashion possible by providing socially friendly, premium natural health solutions with minimal impact on the ecosystem and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

    Our philosophy is steeped in Ayurveda, the great Indian System of Medicine is built on the fundamental philosophy that spices, herbs and medicinal plants work in harmony with body and nature. Spice Pharm is a brand inspired by Nature, and a company that believes in the spirit of eco-entrepreneurship.

    Choosing to make Spice Pharm products from plant-based ingredients is a planet-positive step in itself. Sure, we could stop there, but we see every ingredient choice as an opportunity to do better. We consider many factors in choosing our ingredients, balancing how they’re farmed, and who grows them, and how they are processed.

    The bottom line is we love our customers and their health, and our customers love our products!

    Our Refund Policy
    Our Refund Policy

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    Eva K.
    United States United States
    The Turmeric Tea of My Dreams.... YUM YUM YUM Meyer Lemon

    Turmeric is great for your health. Everyone knows it! With this product I have found a DELICIOUS & DELIGHTFUL way to take it. It is UTTERLY ENJOYABLE. I could drink cup after cup regularly just for the wonderful taste. It is our good fortune that this product is an absolute nutritional power house. This turmeric tea is made up of of proteins, polyphenols, minerals, turmeric essential oil and other good stuff -- that give it 10x more bioavailability than other turmeric products out there. I can feel that it absorbs really quickly, too. I enjoy the meyer lemon flavor. I've heard meyer lemon described as the lemon that thinks it's an orange. In this product, it adds a yummy light citrus taste that is perfect. Not overwhelming; but present enough to neutralize the turmeric bite that makes so many other turmeric products unpalatable to me. This tea relieves my afternoon stress. It gives me a little burst of calm energy. I can feel the turmeric doing all kinds of long range good things in my body. Many people know that turmeric is a superstar because of its anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Turmeric's secret is its active ingredient -- curcumin. By getting your curcumin through drinking this tea, you benefit from the synergy in the turmeric compound. That's what's used in the product. The result is real and you feel it! I highly recommend this tea. I use it as tea but I also add it when cooking veggies, rice, and soups. It's such a high quality turmeric! I believe anyone who tries it will see that this product is richly enjoyable and so good for your body and mind.