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The Science of Spices

From the splendor of tropical rainforests come spices, superstars of nature's apothecary. Used for millennia in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other ancient medical traditions, modern scientists are now unlocking their secrets.

Not only do spices provide distinctive aromas and flavors to food, they work in your body to provide profoundly healthy benefits. 

When eaten regularly,  they influence the very expression of your genes, which in turn gives your body the instruction set to turn on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory enzymes and processes, thus protecting you from a host of ills.

Spices stimulate cells to be more sensitive to insulin, helping to keep blood sugar stable and weight in check. 

They help keep the blood thin, which supports healthy circulation and a healthy heart.

They help metabolize fats and sugars, support digestion, and boost your brain.

“Nothing in the plant world can rival the many medicinal properties of spices,” says anti-aging guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

In this book you’ll learn why. Spice Pharm Co-Founder Kitty Wells uncovers surprising facts and essential knowledge about the aging process and science of spices to help you affect your overall health and rate of aging. You'll discover delicious, science-based tricks for slowing the hands of time. If you embrace food as medicine and all-natural means for rejuvenation, this book is for you! Download for free now.

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Review by Nandita Keshavan from Reader's Favorite:

"Anti-Aging Secrets of Spices by Kitty Wells is a book for people who are interested in change and true insight into the value of natural spices and organic healthy foods in preserving health and vitality. Kitty explains, based on her own life journey, that staying in the dark regarding health made her suffer from a variety of problems. To address the issues she had, she quit her corporate job and began researching spices. I applaud this book due to its scientific content, easy to read philosophical and factual style, pertinent arguments, and compelling evidence.

Attractive photos and subheadings add to the book, and in addition to this, the author provides lists and tables which illustrate compelling evidence. How strange it seems that we live in a world where spices and herbs are not often regarded by mainstream society as having medical benefits and natural protective power? This book substantiates the cause for spices and herbs effectively, and goes beyond the title to show their effect, not only on age, but also on mood, vitality, and well-being.

I highly recommend that this book be read by all ages and that people make active efforts to adopt the key principles that spices and herbs should be used more frequently - not only as anti-aging tools, but also to increase well being and vitality and decrease fatigue, stress and unhealthy eating.

The book also includes a lot of information on the beneficial compounds in vegetables. The title of the book could be broader to reflect the wide ranging information on agents for natural vitality and health, as well as some of the shocking stories regarding dangerous pharmaceuticals and chemicals that were approved and are widely used. Since the evidence is compelling, I hope that people will adopt the use of these natural life-giving agents in practice and notice the effects themselves."